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Syllabus Overview

Piano/Keyboard Initial


4-6 months


  • Introduction to the instrument : understand how to sit in front of the piano and position your hands to play efficiently.

  • Introduction to sheet music : Learn the basics and identify them in your course material.

  • Certification : Finish a certificate course, and take an exam with Trinity College London.
    For more details on the exam, visit Trinity College London's Piano Page.

  • Performance : Prepare for competitions/stage performances/events based on your level of skill. When you're ready, record at the studio.

  • Social Playing : Learn techniques that you can use, on popular pieces/songs at this level, to play along with friends, etc., at social events and gatherings.

Concepts Covered

Instrument Basics :​

  • Identifying notes on the keyboard in all octaves.

  • Keyboard Topography.

  • Identifying the pedals.

Sheet music Basics :

  • The Staff

  • The Clef

  • Whole-notes, Half-notes, Quarter-notes, Eighth-notes and equivalent rests

  • Time-Signatures

Finger Technique (60 exercises covering the following): ​

  • Legato playing.

  • Staccato playing.

  • Slurs.

  • Time Signatures (Simple and Compound).

  • Chords (2 and 3 note 135 chord position).

  • Introduction to cross overs with thumb.

  • Cross over with hand.

  • Introduction to sharps and flats.

  • Finger extensions and manipulation.

  • Dotted half-notes.

  • Introduction to Phrasing.

Sight Reading (24 exercises) : 

  • C position for Left and Right hand.

  • 8 bar pieces with two 4 bar phrases just like in jazz.

Rhythm Reading (10 exercises) :

  • Whole-note, Half-note, Quarter-note, Eighth-note and equivalent rests.

  • Common Time-Signature.

  • 40 bar exercises.

  • Understand down-beat, off-beat.

  • Play to metronome.

  • Understanding sync.

Improvisation Technique :

  • A minor pentatonic riff (Introduction to pentatonic leads)

Comping :

  • Introduction to rhythmic comping over chords.

Exam Syllabus*

  • Pieces

  • Exercises

  • Musical Knowledge

  • Scales

  • Arpeggios

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