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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child is very young, is this a good age to start?"
    Children pick up a foreign accent, faster than teenagers or adults. The same applies with music, so yes, the younger, the better. Its ideal to start learning an instrument when around 4 years old.
  • Class timings and schedule?
    There are 8 hourly classes in a monthly cycle. Students will have 2 classes each week, to accomodate their schedule for other courses, coaching classes, etc., The concepts of each class depend on the concepts taught the previous class, so our schedule does not over-stretch the student's learning ability beyond their comfort. Students will need to book the hour they visit prior to coming over online or in-person, so that we have a smooth schedule and teachers can be ready for you and your class.
  • Do I need an instrument at home?
    While its best to get as much hands-on experience as possible, many students are still exploring their interest in music, and feel that buying an instrument may be a costly investment. So, the initial classes are paced such that you do not need an instrument at home to practice, until you are ready, and dedicated to learn.
  • Do I need to bring my instrument?
    We have pianos and keyboards at the class. So you can use the instruments available at class. Guitarists should bring their instruments.
  • Will material be provided?
    Our material covers various styles, genres, and pieces for performances, exercises, and technique. Besides this, there are a number of reference material available, for students to refer to. For classes, we have our own material in house, available to you as a document you can print out when ever needed. For exams we recommend purchasing the books specific to your exam curriculum for the year. (we will guide you through that)
  • Can I practice at class aside from my schedule, as I dont have the instrument/facility at home?"
    For these and other specific requirements, talk to us, and we can work out a plan.
  • Do you teach online?
    Yes. We take online classes via zoom for students who are unable to make it to the venue. Please get in touch to check suitable hours, and schedule based on your requirement. This facility will be provided on case by case basis as certain topics need in person tutoring.
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