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Pick the one that suits you

Performing Artist!

Serious about learning music?

Learn to sing or play with regular classes every week.

Ready to commit time and effort?

Hone your skill, develop new techniques, pick up new tricks.

Want the limelight?

Get certified, perform, and grow as a musician.

  • Instrument access

  • Reference material

  • 8 classes per cycle (on-going)

  • Basics

  • Intermediate concepts and techniques

  • Advanced techniques

  • Learn to play your favourite songs and styles

  • Learn to improvise

  • Live gigs on stage (after certification)

  • Grade exams with Trinity, ABRSM, LCM

  • Online portfolio

  • Tailored for 4 years and upwards

Hobbyist's Lane

Want to use your free evenings to work on a skill?

Pick up an instrument and start learning with us today.

Want to learn your favourite songs and styles in a friendly and not so serious environment?

Sign up with us as a hobbyist and when you are ready, perform with us!

  • Instrument Access

  • Course material

  • 25 classes (3 months)

  • Basics

  • Learn popular tunes, styles and techniques

  • Live gigs when eligible

  • Ages 25 upwards

Talk to us

Crash Course

Want to venture into music, but not yet ready to commit?

Explore the basics with us and see if it is the right fit for you.

Want to pick up a skill during your summer break?

Start learning today, dont lose the momentum. 

You never know how much you'll end up enjoying it until you start.

  • Instrument access

  • Course material

  • 12 classes (1 month)

  • Basics

  • Learn to play/sing popular tunes

  • Ages 20 upwards

Talk to us

One man orchestra

Already learning with us and want to pick up one more skill?

Glad you love our programme, talk to us and work out a plan that suits you best.

Want to sign up with friends and start off your own band?

We have done that before, get in touch with us.

Take the first step.


Its really that simple.

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