Why learn with us?

Learn efficiently:

  • Understand the concepts of sheet music, and its interpretation on your instrument or in singing.

  • Prepare yourself to play what you read or hear, by using the right technique.

  • Realize the value of every lesson, by applying them to pieces than just complete lessons and exercises for routine!


What you get : The FS Garage curriculum prepares you from the basics in music theory, rhythm reading, sight reading, technique workouts and exercises with focus on exams, collaboration and performance.

Call us and we can work a program that fits your needs.

Use the right technique:

  • There is more than one way to play a certain piece, however few methods are much more efficient, and universally accepted as the right way.

  • Focus on the techniques assigned every week, and use them in the pieces assigned subsequently.


What you get : Lessons and assignments are based on the student's individual learning requirements and cover a variety of techniques needed.

Read our syllabus for each course to know more.

Play on the appropriate instrument:

  • Piano pieces are best understood when performed on a piano than a keyboard substitute, due to factors such as number of keys, key action, weight, tone, etc.,

  • Keyboards are designed for very different and specific purposes, ranging from stage performance, to MIDI programming. Practice on one that suits your needs.


What you get : Students practice on acoustic pianos or digital keyboards as the piece requires and is convenient for them. We understand that pianos dont come cheap, but dont let that stop you from learning on one, just come by and learn on the ones here.

Take a tour around the place, and see how you can benefit here.

Explore a variety of styles:

  • Dont limit yourself to a single style or method of performance.

  • As an artist, you should be versatile, and you can get there by learning as may styles as you can, and keep going.


What you get : The growing repository of sheet music for performance extends from classical, jazz, to pop, modern, movie themes, video game themes, cartoon themes, and everything in between, such as, Church Praise and Worship and hymns, rearrangements of famous works and so much more!

Read more about our teachers, to understand what influences them in music, and what you can take away.

Grow as a musician :

  • Get certified by international boards.

  • Prepare for auditions and competitions.

  • Social playing at gatherings, social events also help improve your musicianship.

  • Interact with musicians in the local scene and within your favourite genres and collaborate.


What you get : Our students prepare for grade exams with Trinity and for performances at Church services and school events as soloists or jam with bands at their level.

See how well our students are performing in Grade Exams.


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